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MA English Course

Earning a bachelor’s degree is a significant achievement but once it is completed you may find yourself wondering what to do next to increase your prospects. In this highly competitive job market or to qualify for a specific role. Your next step should be to get a master’s degree. It’s important to figure out what skill set you need to master. To pursue your personal and professional goals. If you are pursuing humanities and you’re more inclined towards language and literature then you may find that one of the most valuable programs to consider for your career can be a master’s degree in English better known as MA English. 

MA English Course:

Today I am here with the details of this course which is the choice of many graduates who consider it one of the most demanded courses in terms of career and personal growth. I will try to answer most of your basic questions about MA English like what is MA English? What are the eligibility conditions to pursue MA in English? What is the course curriculum for MA English? How to join the MA English course? Which are the top institutes offering MA English courses? What is the fee structure of the MA English course? What are the career prospects and job opportunities after completion of the MA English course? Which are the top recruiters of MA English degree holders? What is the pay package for MA English degree holders and much more? 

What Is an MA English Course?

MA English is also known as a master’s in English, is the study of ancient and modern English literature. It covers four main areas of attention: poetry, prose, drama, and linguistics. The program is postgraduate level and is divided into four semesters and is completed in two years. At the master’s level, the study of English literature is not limited only to the works of English writers but it incorporates the pieces created by writers all over the world. For example, Robert Burns was Scottish, James Joyce was Irish, Joseph Connard was Polish, and Edgar Allan Poe was American.  MA in English gives students a chance to delve into the vast ocean of literature from around the world including literature from America, Canada, Australia, Scotland, India, Poland, France, etc. Because the field of literature is so large, students have to make a selection process and choose the field in which they want to master. Students have the opportunity to learn and understand the historical, political, and cultural contexts of English and Linguistics at an advanced level. MA English explores the entire timeline of literary development over the years. It includes all the movements and revolutions that took place at a particular time.

Eligibility Conditions:

In MA English as far as the educational qualification is concerned the aspiring candidate must have taken a bachelor’s degree with English as one of the subjects at this level. However, candidates with BA English honors are given preference in some of the reputed MA English institutes. Some of the top institutes providing MA English courses may also demand a minimum percentage of marks at the graduation level. This percentage can be a minimum of 50 percent to 60 marks in the qualifying class with due relaxation for reserved category candidates. Along with fulfilling these eligibility conditions, you should have a certain set of required skills to do an MA English course successfully and the most important skill required to do this successfully is the passion to learn this language. Basic understanding of the English language is another skill required to pursue the English language, writing, reading, and articulating skills can play an important role to learn and master this language. Research aptitude can be of great help to pursue the language for further higher studies and to master the language.

Course Curriculum For MA English:

The syllabus or course curriculum in MA English as prescribed by various universities and colleges is distributed over four semesters. 

Semester  1st

  • literature in English 1550 to 1660 part 1
  • literature in English 1660 to 1798 part 1 
  • literature in English 1798 to 1914 part 1 
  • literature in English 1914 to 2000 part 1
  • Study of  honor part 1 
  • Fiction part 1 
  • Study of honor part 2
  • Drama part 1 
  • Study of honor part 3
  • Poetry part 1

Semester 2nd

  • literature in English 1550 to 1660 part 2
  • literature in English 1660 to 1798 part 2 
  • literature in English 1798-1914 part 2 
  • literature in English 1914 to 2000 part 2 
  • Study of  honor part 1 
  • Fiction part 2 
  • Study of   honor part 2 
  • Drama part 2 
  • Study of   honor part 3 
  • Poetry part 2

Semester  3rd

  • Critical theory part 1 
  • American literature part 1
  • Colonial and post-colonial studies part 1 
  • English language part 1
  • literature and gender part 1
  • literature
  • Philosophy part one 
  • New literature part one 

Semester 4th

  • Critical theory part two 
  • American literature part two 
  • Colonial and postcolonial studies part 2 
  • English language part 2
  • Literature and gender part 2 
  • Literature and philosophy part 2 
  • New literature part 2

How To Get Admission In MA English?

As there is a great demand for this language course, especially among those who have done their graduation in humanities. Thus there is huge competition among the candidates to grab a seat in the top institutes providing MA English courses. Depending upon the institutes providing this course, there are two ways to get admission in the MA English course. One is merit-based and another is admission through an entrance test. In the merit-based admission, process candidates are provided admission to MA English courses based on the marks secured by the candidates at the graduation level. Whereas in another way institutes conduct an entrance examination and admission is provided based on the rank secured in this test. You have to keep in mind that some institutes give due weightage to both the marks secured at graduation level and marks secured in the entrance exam. I would also like to let you know that the MA English course can be pursued both in regular mode and distance education mode. So if some of you could not get admission in regular mode for any reason then there is also distance education mode through which you can pursue MA in English and fulfill your dreams.

Top Institutes In Pakistan For MA English:

MA English course is provided almost by all the top universities and their affiliated colleges and institutes in Pakistan. If you want to pursue this course from some of the top government universities OR institutes then you can go for;

  • University of Punjab 
  • University of Sargodha 
  • Islamia University Bahawalpur
  • Government College University Lahore.
  • Lahore Leads University
  • Minhaj University
  • University of Sindh Jamshore
  • University of Karachi
  • Shah ABdul Latif University Khairpur
  • Jinnah University for Women
  • University of Peshawar
  • Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
  • Hazara University Mansehra
  • Kohat University of Science & IT
  • University of Balochistan Quetta
  • NUML Quetta Department of MA English
  • Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Quetta

Fee For MA English Course:

The average fee charged by government institutes may vary from RS.12000 per year to Rs. 35000 per year. Whereas the fees for the same course, if done from a reputed private institute, may be as high as from RS. 50,000 TO RS.100,000 per year or even more.

Advantages Of Doing MA English Course:

MA English degree serves as the basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as a Ph.D. degree in English. The course prepares the students for specialized works like teaching and creative English writing. MA English degree holder can build a career in journalism and other related fields. MA English degree makes a student eligible for the post of lecturer in different colleges. For that position, one should clear some qualifying exams along with a master’s degree.

Career Prospects:

Being an international language, English has always been in demand and created a lot of career prospects for those who have a firm command of the language and the scenario is still the same. my friends. It will remain as such for a long time to come. So after completion of the program in MA English, any student may opt for fields like lecturership, Public relations, and Journalism as a career, or they may go for Ph.D. in the subject and opt for research in the discipline. Besides this, the different areas of employment that can be explored by MA English students are IELTS, trainer, junior parliamentary, reporter, English translator, interpreter, customer support executive, English language specialist, and media analyst. Besides in the field of corporate communications, administration and publication houses, advertising and communication industry, trainer, instructor in any institute or firm or offline or online tutoring and tv and media industry.MA English candidates can also go for the government sector and appear in most of the competitive exams taken by various agencies like staff selection, boards staff, selection commission, and public service commissions. 

Salary Prospects

Every student aims to build a good career and expects a good job after post-graduation. MA English course also provides ample career opportunities with good salary packages. The average starting salary that an MA English degree holder can expect to get is rupees 6 lakhs to rupees 8 lakhs per annum subject to one’s knowledge and the hold on the language. There is no upper limit for those who have rear expertise in the field. 


Hopefully, the details provided here will be helpful for candidates who are interested in joining the MA English course. If you still have any further queries you may let us know in the comments section. I will try to provide the best and right information in a quick time. If you like this information please share it with other students. Thanks

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