Free MDCAT Mock Test 09 {MDCAT Test Series}

Instructions for MDCAT Mock Test 09

Free MDCAT mock test 09 is live now. Attempt this test and test your abilities and prepare for the final MDCAT. This test has different types of questions with different difficulty levels.


1. Variation and genetics/inheritance


01. Aldehydes and Ketones

02. Carboxylic Acids

03. Macromolecules


01. Atomic Spectra

02. Nuclear Physics


01. Demonstrate ability to identify mistakes in sentences, vocabulary etc.

02. Demonstrate ability to comprehend short written text and select the most appropriate responses.

Logical Reasoning

01. Course of action

02. Cause & effect


This Test Consists Of :

  • BIOLOGY:              68 MCQs 
  • CHEMISTRY:         54 MCQs
  • PHYSICS:               54 MCQs
  • ENGLISH:              18 MCQs
  • L. REASONING:    06 MCQs
  • Total MCQs:            200 MCQs
  • Total Marks:            200
  • Total Time:              210 Minutes
  • No negative marking

Test Requirements:

  1. You must have a valid Google email address.
  2. If you do not have a Gmail account then go and create 1 Gmail account.
  3. Use the Correct Email Format Like: [email protected] Otherwise you will not get your test result.
  4. You must be signed in on Google.
  5.  Choose a quiet room/place.
  6. Pen and Paper for rough work.


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Test Result:

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