PMC MDCAT MCQs On Coordination And Control

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These are Biology MCQs on the chapter Coordination and Control for the purpose of MDCAT Preparation. Give it a try free online. These are very important MCQs on coordination and control. They are useful for studying for the PMC MDCAT. 

MCQs On Coordination And Control
MCQs On Coordination And Control

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When we think of the nervous system, we usually think of the brain, and the brain only, as being responsible for coordinating our movement and body activities. However, this is only one small aspect of what the nervous system actually does; it coordinates all of our internal chemical processes and procedures to ensure that they function correctly to keep us alive and healthy. The two systems work together in perfect harmony every day to make sure that our bodies stay in top shape, which we need to do if we want to live our daily lives as efficiently as possible.

What is control?

An individual’s control is the degree to which they can regulate their behaviour according to some plan or other controlling influence. An individual who is said to have no control would do whatever they felt like at any given time with little consideration for what others might think, or be unconcerned with how their actions may affect themselves or others.


Nervous system pathways send impulses that travel down along an axon, reaching synapses with neurotransmitters to react with receptors on adjoining neurons, which then fire and allow signals to continue through to another synapse or group of nerve cells. Nerve impulses cause movement in muscles by initiating a sequence of events that starts with the release of neurotransmitters from nerve terminals.

Chemical Coordination

Neurons are cells that transmit electrical signals from one location to another. These signals serve as a form of communication for various parts of the body, often through neurotransmitters which relay messages to other neurons to process impulses or carry out commands.

The Autonomic Nervous System

Learning about the Nervous System has been quite interesting to me. For example, when people have a stroke or heart attack, their brains can no longer tell their lungs to breathe, so they must be hooked up to machines called ventilators that help them breathe while they heal. Knowing how nerves work is really crucial in understanding how our bodies function because without it there would be chaos!

Cells, Synapses, and Chemical Receptors

Cells release signals called neurotransmitters at synapses with other cells to affect their activities. A signalling molecule is released from one cell, and binds to a protein (called a receptor) on the other cell, triggering activity in that cell such as releasing a different molecule or changing its shape so it can more easily receive incoming messages from neighbouring cells. A synapse is the junction of two nerve cells.

MCQs On Coordination And Control

Here are the MCQs from the PMC MDCAT on Cell Structure and Function. 

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