Free MDCAT Mock Test 05 {MDCAT Test Series}

Instructions for MDCAT Mock Test 05

This is the 5th Free MDCAT mock test from our online MDCAT test series. This is half syllabus free MDCAT test
MDCAT Mock Test 05

This Test Consists Of :

  • BIOLOGY:              68 MCQs 
  • CHEMISTRY:         54 MCQs
  • PHYSICS:               54 MCQs
  • ENGLISH:              18 MCQs
  • L. REASONING:    06 MCQs
  • Total MCQs:            200 MCQs
  • Total Marks:            200
  • Total Time:              210 Minutes
  • No negative marking



Test Requirements:

  1. You must have a valid Google email address.
  2. If you do not have a Gmail account then go and create 1 Gmail account.
  3. Use Correct Email Format Like: [email protected] Otherwise you will not get your test result.
  4. You must be signed in on Google.
  5.  Choose a quiet room/place.
  6. Pen and Paper for rough work.


For Help: 

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Test Result:

We will send you your result by email.
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PMC MDCAT Mock Test 05

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Now Your Test Has Started

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