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BA Tourism

It seems like every time you turn around, there are two weeks between where you were before. Some people seem to forget where they are and years. They will forget all the bad times of your life but all they will remember are the good moments. So, it is important to keep making good memories because you will end up with good memories and happy moments. Everyone has his or her own moments- some that happen at or around their birthdays, marriages, or exam results. Others want to travel, making memories while doing so. Isn’t it interesting how they’re often compensated for it? To start off, let me ask you a simple question. Do you want to travel the world and still get paid? If yes, then please proceed because my friends, you have arrived at the right place at the right time. To prove my point, here is one such course that could help you realize your dream of traveling: a BA in Tourism and Travel Management. 

In today’s article, I will be explaining the course in detail and addressing the most frequently asked questions. I don’t know what a BA Tourism and Travel Management course are, or what legibility requirements there are to go on to study such a course. What is the course outline for your BA in tourism and travel management degree? Which schools have this degree available? How much does this course cost and what are the carrier prospects and potential job profiles after a BA in tourism and travel management? What are the average salary package and prospects for someone with a BA in tourism and travel management? Tune in next week to find out.

What Is BA Tourism and Travel Management Course?

A very basic question is, what exactly is a BA tourism and travel management course? ABA in tourism and travel management or a bachelor of arts in tourism and travel management is a three-year undergraduate-level journey and tourism course. This course is designed for students who wish to study travel and tourism management in-depth. The course covers studying and analyzing the trends in the tourism industry. The curriculum encompasses some of the fundamental histories, business statistics, aviation management, and business regulatory frameworks for the tourism industry. Travel and tourism include leisure, comfortable, and business travel provided by sources such as airlines, hotels, car insurance, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators, gaming casinos, restaurants, railways, motor coaches, theme parks, etc.

Eligibility Conditions For BA Tourism:

Now I will outline the admission requirements for the BA tourism and travel management course. To enroll in this course, aspiring candidates must have a high school diploma. Preferably a grade point average of 50% or above, and with this GPA criteria vary depending on the institution’s requirements.

Skills Required For BA Tourism:

If you would like to know about some of the basic skills needed to succeed in a BA tourism and travel management course, the most important is being welcomed and understanding that a tourism career revolves around presenting the information as well as possible. It sounds like you would make a perfect tour guide, given your lovely personality and communication skills. There are a lot of names, years, and information in history to know about so it would be helpful to have knowledge of various languages to be able to help make communicating historical information easy. 

Syllabus For BA Tourists:

Here is the course outline for a tourism management BA. The three-year BA course includes six semesters. Semester one comprises subjects like a short introduction to the history of Pakistan, ecology, the environment, and yourself. Whereas semester two comprises subjects like investigative reporting and a core English course. In semester 3, you are to take a modern language course as well as a humanities or social science course. Semester 4 focuses on sciences and has a special emphasis on tourism and human environments. For the first semester, fifth, the classes offered are Pakistani culture, a perspective for tourism management in tourism and tourism development products operation, and case studies. For the second semester, the sixth, subjects offered are tourism management and tourism marketing.

How To Get Admission In BA Tourism?

You would like to know how to get into the BA in tourism and travel management program. The admissions are generally determined by the marks one gets in their class 12 exams. Some schools or institutes, on the other hand, may set up their own test to choose which applicants are suited for the course and which ones are not. This may happen if the seats available are fewer than the number of applicants.

Top BA Tourism Institutes In Pakistan:

For example, these are the top ten institutes for studying BA tourism and travel management courses. You can also study your BA tourism and travel management course from a government or public institute, for example, at institutions like

  • Greenwich University, Karachi
  • University Of Chitral, Chitral
  • University Of Peshawar, Peshawar
  • University Of Malakand, Chakdara
  • University Of Swabi, Swabi
  • National College Of Business Administration And Economics, Lahore

Fee Structre For BA Toursim:

The course fee, of course, varies based on the type of institute, with rates for government institutes typically being anywhere from RS.30,000 to RS.50,000. Private universities or institutes will cost from RS.2 lakh to RS.4 lakh.

Carrier Prospects In BA Tourism:

Once you’ve obtained a BA in tourism and travel management, you can seek positions with the tourism department of the state government, tourism boards, foreign exchanges, sales and marketing, and the department of tour and travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants as a ticketing agent, travel counselor, travel agent or operator customer service, executive tour guide, and for managing, organizing corporate drivers, and executive information officers in the tourism boards. You may also find yourself working in tourism promotions or marketing and in airlines. It is best to obtain an MA in travel and tourism management, an MBA in travel and tourism management, and a Ph.D. in travel and tourism management and get a managerial position at a multinational company, providing work in the field of tour and travel. 

Salary Prospects After BA Tourism:

When is a great question asked and that is, What is the salary outlook for someone who does a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Travel Management course? Someone who earns this degree might expect a salary of around Rs. first, you get paid between $2,400-$3,600, but after getting some experience, the salary can increase significantly and the average wage for a person with five to six years of experience is as high as $ in other words, I’ll pay you 1 lakh a month plus incentives and other benefits.


I love to travel and would like to learn more about it. Getting a BA in travel and tourism is the best option for me. If you have any additional questions about a BA in travel and tourism, leave them in the comments section below. 

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