PMC Decides to Conduct MDCAT 2022 Exam at Provincial Level

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Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) decided to conduct the MDCAT 2022 exam at the Provincial level in order to identify the medical aspirants which were earlier conducted at the national level all over Pakistan. The decision came after a series of meetings with medical universities and other stakeholders by the newly appointed council of PMC. Said Pakistan Medical Commission president, Dr Naushad Shaikh in an interview.

PMC Decides to Conduct MDCAT 2022 Exam at Provincial Level

 PMC Decides to Conduct MDCAT 2022 Exam at Provincial Level

Interview of President PMC Dr Naushad Shaikh

In an interview with the President of PMC Dr Naushad Shaikh, President of PMC says that PMC has the authority to conduct the MDCAT 2022 exam. The situation for MDCAT will be clarified in one or two months.

Dr Naushad says the MDCAT has been postponed because the country is experiencing a flood situation due to the desire of Sindh, Balochistan, and federal governments to ensure that no child is left out of the medical college admissions process. during the PMC visit, the Health Minister mentioned that the issue would be resolved, but no final date has been set yet. By the first or second week of November, we’ll be able to conduct the MDCAT exam.

He explained that the government has clearly instructed us to conduct the MDCAT with the assistance of public universities in the provinces. After holding a meeting, five examination centres will be created throughout the country, while the same universities will assist with the results, but the final list will be based on the decided merit list.

President PMC explained further, saying that due to the flooding situation in Sindh and Balochistan, it is possible to conduct the test in Punjab, KP and Islamabad first, but efforts will be made to conduct the test across the nation. MDCAT should be conducted on the same day so that there are no objections from students and no differences in merit.

With respect to the online exam, he said that the online exam conducted was essentially an insurmountable task and that this kind of exam would normally be taken in approximately thirty to thirty-five days, but under the more traditional examination system, various universities would need to conduct the test, or we can take the exam ourselves.

He stated that a total of 200,000 students in Pakistan have registered for MDCAT and taking their online test will be a one-and-a-half month process. So there must be a server problem somewhere.

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The PMC has decided to give these students from the flood-affected areas an opportunity to re-apply due to which we have registered another 4 thousand new students while the passing percentage is also high. 

As a result of a high number of students failing MDCAT last year, many of our seats remained vacant, and more than 16,000 students went abroad to study, causing great distress to their families. Pakistan has suffered a loss of about 15 billion dollars, but we have made student-friendly policies for their benefit.

Answering the critics, he said that various things are being said about lowering the standards, he asked if the student who comes from China and Russia will be good. He said that the child is less than our bad standard but we still accept him if he passes NLE, so we will give an opportunity to our students to study here.

Regarding MDCAT, he again said that the consultation is going on with the health secretary and other officials and the date of the test will be announced soon, but the portal is still open for children, they can apply. He says our efforts to conduct the MDCAT exam in KP, Punjab and Islamabad on one day while Sindh and Balochistan MDCAT will be on one day.

PMC President said there will be no change in the pattern of this year’s test, and the syllabus will also be the same so that children who have completed the preparation will have no problems pertaining to it. Preparing accordingly should be done if they already possess it.

Speaking on the weightage of the test, he stated that 50% of the weightage of the final merit will come from those who have passed the MDCAT exam. Meanwhile, 40% of the weightage of the merit will be determined by students’ intermediate grades. Additionally, 10% of the weight of the grade is reserved for students with good matriculation marks. But the final approval of this proposal will be given by the council.

Regarding the carbon copy, he said that an effort would be made to provide one, but the decision may change according to the situation.

FAQs Regarding MDCAT 2022

What is the expected date of MDCAT 2022?

The expected date for the MDCAT 2022 is 13th November but it is may be changed according to the situation of the flood in the country. The Final date will be announced by the examination council of the Pakistan medical commission.

Is MDCAT registration 2022 Open?

Yes, Pakistan medical commission has opened the registration portal for all the students who left unregistered due to the flood disaster in the country,. You can register before the 25th of September 2022. So, apply as soon as possible.

How many marks are required for MBBS in MDCAT?

The minimum % required by the PMC for MBBS in the public and private medical colleges is 55% while for minimum % for BDS is 45%.

Who will conduct MDCAT 2022 PMC or PMDC?

After the establishment of the new PMC council, MDCAT 2022 will be conducted by PMC at the provincial level with the consultation of  Public universities like UHS and KMU.

If you have any further questions about MDCAT 2022, comment down we will help to answer you as soon as possible. 

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