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Oman is a country located in the Arabian Peninsula. It has a population of over 4 million people, and the majority of these are Omani citizens. The official language spoken in Oman is Arabic.

Oman is considered to be one of the best places in the world to study abroad because it’s one of the safest countries on Earth, so there’s no need to worry about safety while studying here as a foreigner — that’s how safe it is! In addition to that, all schools will also provide you with an English teacher who will help you improve your grammar and pronunciation skills before classes begin so that when it comes time for the class you won’t have any difficulties understanding what your teacher is saying.


Study in Oman

Oman is a great place to study. The country has a small population, so it’s easy to get around and learn the language. It’s also safe, with no major terrorist attacks taking place in recent years.

Oman has beautiful weather all year round—the temperatures range from 28°C (82°F) during summer months up to 24°C (75°F) in wintertime—and this means that you’ll hardly have any problems with finding an indoor study space or comfortable clothes when you’re there!

You can enjoy your studies while learning something new: Arabic is spoken by most Omanis (as well as other languages like English), so if you’re interested in learning Arabic too then this is worth considering!


Scholarships to Study in Oman

There are many scholarships available to study in Oman. These include:

  • Scholarships for students from developing countries.
  • Scholarships for students from specific countries.
  • Scholarships for students from specific fields of study.

These scholarships may be open to international or national candidates, as well as high school graduates who have completed their studies up until this point and intend to continue with their education at another institution abroad (e.g., college).


Popular Courses

The Omani government offers a wide range of courses to international students. These include business, engineering, medicine, and humanities subjects taught in English and Arabic.

The following is a list of some of the most popular programs offered by universities in Oman:

  • Business Administration – taught in English and Arabic;
  • Engineering – taught in English;
  • Medicine – taught in Arabic or Arabic and English;
  • Health Sciences – taught in Arabic or Arabic/English/French combination (you can choose your language preference at registration time);


Top Universities in Oman

There are many universities in Oman, and they are all quite good. However, the top universities in the country can be found below:

  • Sultan Qaboos University (QAU) – Established in 1991, this public university has been ranked as one of the best by many international rankings. It’s also considered to be among one of the most expensive institutions in the Omani higher education system. The main campus is located in Salalah City which hosts about 20% population from other countries like India and Pakistan who come here for better opportunities as well as higher education facilities available at QAU’s campus only!
  • University of Sultanate (Red Sea University) – The Red Sea University was established in 1971 and offers undergraduate programs. It has nine faculties and two colleges, with around 16000 students.
  • Royal College of Health Sciences (RCHS) – RCHS is a health sciences university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, and nursing; as well as diploma courses in other medical fields such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and social work. The college also offers postdoctoral research training for doctors who wish to further their careers in academia after completing their studies at RCHS or elsewhere in Oman or overseas institutions like Harvard Medical School or Tufts School Of Medicine.


Student Visa Requirements in Oman

To study in Oman, you must have a student visa. The following are the requirements for obtaining a student visa:

  • You must be enrolled at an approved educational institution in the country of origin or apply to study there before entering Oman.
  • Your education must be recognized by an official agency of your country and not be illegal under the law (for example trafficking of human beings).
  • You must prove that you can support yourself financially while living abroad


Cost of Living in Oman

Oman is a low-cost destination for international students. The cost of living in Oman is among the lowest in the world, with rent prices ranging from $200-$300 per month and food expenses averaging $3-USD 5.

You can save money on housing by staying with friends or family while you’re studying abroad. You’ll also have access to public transportation, which will help you get around town without spending too much money on taxis or taxis that charge exorbitant fares (the average taxi fare in Muscat is USD 1).

You can make money while traveling around the country by teaching English as a second language to locals who need extra guidance in their daily lives—such as taxi drivers! If this sounds appealing but not quite right for your interests, consider working at an expat-friendly restaurant where there may be opportunities for tips depending on how popular certain dishes are among customers.”


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International students are welcome in Oman.

Most universities require a student visa, though. You must apply for a student visa in the country you intend to study. This is done online by filling out the form and uploading your documents. It’s not required that you have any special skills or qualifications, but it can be helpful if you do!

Once approved, They will send you an email confirming how long your visa will be valid as well as all contact information should anything go wrong during this process (like us forgetting to update our records).



We hope we’ve helped you get to know Oman and its universities a little better, as well as the process of applying for a student visa. If you have any questions or would like more information on studying in Oman, please feel free to contact us here at Study Overseas Today!

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  1. Sumera Panhwar

    Assalam o Alaikum!
    I’m Sumera PT I want to study in Oman for physiotherapy master’s.,my biggest reasons is to choose th Oman beacuse this is the safest country.

  2. Andleeb Aaqib

    Aslamolikm my name is Andleeb iam from Pakistan I want to move Oman with my family I have two kids aged 14 and 12iwant study in Oman or work there I have done my Masters in English in 2002 I want to do another there any possibility that I could enroll in any university in Oman at low budget.

    • Pakiology

      Hello Andleeb,

      Certainly, you can pursue another Masters in Oman. While costs vary, some universities offer affordable options. Contact universities directly for accurate fees and consider part-time work for support.

      Best wishes for your journey to Oman!

  3. Ahmad Ali

    Assalam-u-alaikum,sir my name is Ahmad Ali I want to get study visa in oman from Pakistan i have passed intermediate Fsc with 60% marks I want to study and work can I get visa
    Please! give me all details.

  4. hadia maryam

    my name is hadia and I want to study in oman because of safety and and I got 70% marks in Icom
    and I am also undergraduate student please can I get visa please send me the details

  5. hadia maryam

    my name is hadia and I want to get my degree of MBA from oman and also support my family thanks


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