11 Highest-paying Jobs In USA For Fresher

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We all have a dream to make money from the start of our careers. But the real question here is which job would you choose? If you are looking for high-paying jobs in the USA for fresher, then consider some of the paying jobs that are available in the USA.

Highest-paying Jobs In USA For Fresher

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1. Software developer

Software developers are responsible for designing and developing applications, websites and other programs. They also ensure that their programs work on various platforms and devices. Software developers often work in teams that include programmers, testers, graphic designers, database administrators and project managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developers held about 121,000 jobs as of May 2016.

Salary Outlook

The BLS predicts employment growth for software developers will increase at an average rate of about 11 per cent between now and 2026. This growth rate is forecast to be faster than average for all occupations over that period. The median annual pay for software developers was $96,630 as of May 2016.

Education Requirements

Most employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems or a related field, such as mathematics or statistics. Some employers may also prefer applicants with experience working with programming languages such as C++ or Java. However, many employers will consider applicants without formal training if they have demonstrated proficiency through previous work experience in the field or through one or more professional certifications such as those offered by the Professional Development Institute (PDI). Many companies offer tuition reimbursement.

2. Financial analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for analyzing the financial information of a company and its performance. They also provide advice to management on how to improve the company’s financial performance, as well as oversee the company’s budgets and expenditures.

A bachelor’s degree in finance is required for this position. The high salary for this role makes it one of the highest-paying jobs in America.

The job outlook for financial analysts is good because there are many positions available in both private industry and government agencies that require an understanding of financial data. Some colleges offer training classes for aspiring financial analysts who want to enter the field after graduation.

In 2013, the average financial analyst made $92,000 per year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures cited by Glassdoor.com. In 2015, Forbes reported that some financial analysts earn more than $100,000 per year.

3. Actuary

In the insurance industry, an actuary is responsible for analyzing and projecting the financial risks associated with insurance policies. As an actuary, you’ll use your skills in math and probability to determine a company’s financial risk factors, and then use the information to calculate future premiums or loss costs.

While most people think of actuaries as part of the insurance industry, they can also be found in pensions, investment management, government agencies, and more. Actuaries must have strong math skills to perform their jobs well. In addition to their knowledge of maths and statistics, they must also have strong communication skills because they often work with clients daily.

The average salary for an actuary is $1010 per week or $67,000 per year (according to PayScale).

4. Market research analyst

The market research analyst is responsible for analyzing economic trends and consumer preferences, as well as looking at the marketplace and industry to determine what companies should do to attract consumers. The market research analyst will also work with marketing and sales departments to determine how a product or service can be better marketed. The market research analyst’s job requires a great deal of creativity and innovation, as the company must figure out what is needed to compete effectively in today’s marketplace. Market research analysts may also be involved in creating new products or services that are currently not available on the market.

The average salary for a Market Research Analyst is $113,000 a year. The highest-paid in this profession makes $155,000 a year.

Market Research Analyst, also known as Market Segmentation Analysts, is one of the most in-demand jobs in the market research industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth for this profession will grow by 26% between 2016 and 2026, faster than average for all occupations.

Market Research Analyst salaries range from $69,000 to $155,000 a year based on experience level and years of experience with the company or organization they work for as well as location (cities like New York City tend to pay more than smaller cities).

5. Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists are the professionals who help individuals with disabilities learn how to perform everyday tasks. They use their knowledge of science, health and patient care to guide patients in a manner that is most effective for them. These therapists may be required to work in a hospital, rehabilitation centre or school setting.

Occupational therapists are highly sought after by employers because they have extensive training and experience working with people with different types of disabilities. The average salary for an occupational therapist is $68,000 per year.

6. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with clients who have been diagnosed with injuries or diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system (one’s skeleton, muscles, tendons and ligaments). Physical therapists treat patients through various forms of treatment including manual therapy (massage), exercise therapy and exercise prescription. Physical therapists also work with patients who have chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes mellitus.

Physical therapists earn an average salary of $72,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

7. Database administrator

Database administrators are responsible for maintaining databases, which are essentially collections of data stored on computers. They also ensure that all data is accurate and up-to-date. Database administrators play an important role in any company by overseeing all systems related to the company’s business operations and finances.

The database administrator is one of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. According to Salary.com, database administrators earn an average annual salary of $104,000. Some employers may offer more than others, but this is a healthy salary for most people.

8. Software engineer

Software engineers develop, maintain and improve computer software programs. They design and write code that makes programs do more than just display data on a computer screen. Software engineers also create applications that perform specific tasks such as tracking sales figures or providing real-time weather updates.

Software developers work in a wide range of industries such as banking, retail, healthcare and manufacturing. Some of the most popular software developers include:

Web developers – create websites that allow users to interact with web pages through various means like emails, social media updates and text messages.

Mobile application developers – create apps that can be downloaded onto phones or tablets. These apps make it easier for people to access information when they’re away from home or don’t have access to a computer.

Database administrators – manage large databases of information like contact lists to ensure that they are secure and accurate. Database administrators may also be responsible for maintaining backup systems that protect against data loss in case of an emergency situation such as natural disasters or equipment failure at work sites where information is stored or transmitted over long distances by internet servers located outside the country.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that software engineers have a median salary of $120,000. Software engineers work on a variety of software applications, including games, business applications and enterprise applications. They also design websites, mobile applications and other digital products.

9. Marketing manager

The marketing manager is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the marketing strategies for a company. The job involves making sure that everything from product development to pricing and promotion plans is in place so that the company can be successful in its business.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers are expected to have a doctoral degree, with 30 per cent of all marketing managers holding a master’s and 20 per cent having a bachelor’s. The median annual salary for this job is $124,200.

There are several reasons why marketing is one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. The first reason is that marketing managers are responsible for the planning and execution of all marketing activities, including research, advertising, sales promotion and public relations. As such, they have a wide range of responsibilities that include budgeting and forecasting budgeted expenses, managing client relationships and determining which products or services will be offered to clients.

The second reason why marketing is one of the highest-paying jobs in the country is that it is an in-demand profession with many job opportunities. According to Forbes Magazine’s 2016 list of highest-paying professions, which includes a variety of fields from architecture to sports medicine, marketing was ranked fourth behind finance (No. 1), engineering (No. 2) and accounting (No. 3).

In addition to its high salary potential, marketing offers other benefits as well such as flexibility in hours and location as well as numerous opportunities for advancement within your career path throughout your career span.

10. IT manager

The IT manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a company’s technology systems, including computer systems and networks. They must manage the IT department and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

They may be involved in setting up hardware and software, monitoring software updates, troubleshooting problems and performing preventative maintenance. Some companies, also handle security and information assurance issues.

Employment potential:

The median annual salary for an IT manager was $136,520 in May 2018. Salaries will vary widely depending on the size of your company, location and type of position you hold.


An IT manager typically has a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another related field such as mathematics or engineering. Some employers may require a master’s degree or even an MBA to get ahead in this role.

11. Operations manager

An operations manager is responsible for the management and operations of a company’s physical assets, such as buildings and equipment. They are often assigned to oversee multiple departments within a company, including human resources, finance and legal. Operations managers are tasked with increasing efficiency and output by keeping track of inventory levels and making sure all employees are working together toward the same goal.

Operations managers also have to monitor costs, maintain accurate records and communicate with vendors on time. They have a large amount of responsibility on their shoulders and need to be able to multitask while maintaining high levels of productivity.

The average salary range for an operations manager is $70k-$80k in the US, according to PayScale.com. That figure can vary widely depending on whether you work in the private sector or in a government agency such as the military or National Parks Service (NPS).


There are many opportunities for bright young people just out of college. We can see that the highest paying job in the USA is a Marketing Manager. Here we can see the average salary of a marketer is $105,000 which is one of the highest-paying jobs around the world. On the other hand, a Project Manager or PM in the USA earns an average of $100,000 yearly. An average salary for a Personal Assistant per year is about $66,000 whereas an Administrative Assistant earns about $65,000 per year. There is really no difficulty for a fresher to select the best-paying job for him.

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