PMC MDCAT MCQs On Diversity Among Animals

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Taking the MCAT soon? You’re going to need to know your stuff when it comes to diversity among animals, and the best way to prepare yourself for this section of the exam is to tackle these free MCQs! These questions were written by our experts and are taken from real MDCAT exams, so you can be sure that they’ll be just as challenging as anything you’ll encounter in the testing centre. Plus, each question includes an answer that shows you where you went wrong, so you can learn from your mistakes and come back stronger next time!

MCQs On Diversity Among Animals
MCQs On Diversity Among Animals

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Multiple Choice Questions on Animal Diversity

These are very important MCQs from the chapter of the kingdom Animalia.  These MDCAT MCQs will cover all animal phyla and the characteristics of the kingdom Animalia.  They are essential for any student looking to take the MDCAT exam for their post-secondary education studies. 

Diversity among the animals

Animals come in all shapes and sizes. The whale is one of the biggest animals on Earth. A hummingbird is one of the smallest. These are only two examples of how diverse animal life can be – but there are many more! Some people love the idea of studying biodiversity, which is what we call how different species are related to each other, or maybe you’d like to see it applied in conservation efforts or dealing with endangered species. Maybe you’re just interested in how biodiversity affects our world’s ecology.

Describe the general characteristics of animals

For centuries, zoologists have studied and documented the animal kingdom, making for one of the most expansive realms of scientific inquiry. Today, there are just over 1.5 million different species identified, and researchers estimate that there are still around 10 million to 13 million more undiscovered species waiting to be found and documented.

MCQs On Diversity Among Animals

Here are the MCQs from the PMC MDCAT on Diversity Among Animals.

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