Physical Quantities And Units UHS MDCAT Past MCQs

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A selection of Physical Quantities And Units MCQs from UHS MDCAT Past MCQs. These resources are intended to cover the syllabus of the UHS MDCAT. The questions are set out in a typical exam paper physics, with four answer options per question. The answers have been provided at the end of each section and you can use these as guidance or hints when answering them on your own! Good luck!

Physical Quantities And Units UHS MDCAT Past MCQs
Physical Quantities And Units UHS MDCAT Past MCQs

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To learn the content of physics, students must prepare for their MCQ exams. The most important thing about this preparation is making sure you have a clear understanding of units and physical quantities. You must understand what SI units are, how to convert between different units, the difference between them, how to use prefixes like kilo- or hecto-, and how to apply them in calculations. Understanding these concepts can make it much easier to answer MCQ questions.

Understand what is Physics?

The word physics derives from the Greek phusikos meaning nature. From this, it can be seen that Physics is the study of matter and its motion. The concepts in Physics cover broad areas such as classical mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum theory, electromagnetism and relativity.

All physical quantities

A physical quantity, or the amount of space occupied by a physical object, is usually expressed in a unit. The following are examples of units for measuring physical quantities:

The size of an object is measured in square feet or meters. A person’s height and weight can be measured in inches and kilograms respectively. The volume of fluid can be measured in litres, millilitres, teaspoons, or cups.

Measuring weight and volume depends on density, which varies between substances.

1. Length

Quantities, such as mass and volume, are often measured in units. These units are usually standardized so that they can be used by people around the world to compare values from different places. The most common system of units is called the International System of Units (SI). In SI, length is measured in meters (m), kilograms (kg) are measured for mass and litres (L) for volume. When talking about temperature scientists use degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. The other way of measuring temperature is Kelvin which has a scale that starts at 0K and goes up to 1000K.

2. Mass

The SI base unit for mass is the kilogram, which is equivalent to 1,000 grams. One of the most commonly used units of mass outside of the SI system is pounds. Â A pound (abbreviated lb) is equivalent to 16 ounces. Â Similarly, a stone or pound (abbreviated st or pt) is equivalent to 14 pounds or 6 kilograms and a metric tonne is equal to 1,000 kilograms.

3. Time

Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. The period between two events is measured in seconds. One minute has 60 seconds and one hour has 60 minutes. One day has 24 hours which equals 1440 minutes. A week has 7 days which equals 168 hours. A month contains 30 or 31 days which totals either 2480 or 2520 minutes. One year has 365 days which equals 31000 minutes and 86 400 seconds respectively!

4. Current

This is a list of physical quantities and units that have been in use for previous years’ exams. For this year’s exam, we will add more physical quantities and units in the form of constants and dimensionless quantities.

5. Temperature

The physical quantity of temperature is a measure that quantifies the intensity of heat energy in an object or system, which has one of these three states: solid, liquid, or gas. The SI unit for temperature is the Kelvin, where 273 K is equal to 0 °C. It can also be measured using degrees Celsius (°C) on the Celsius scale (0 °F), where 100 °C equals 212 °F.

6. luminous intensity

If you want to measure the luminous intensity, you would need to know the surface area of a light source. Luminous intensity is measured in lumens, which is how many units of luminance per square foot there are at a particular point on a wall. To calculate this, we need to divide the size of an object by the amount of light it emits and then multiply that number by 10 raised to the fourth power. You may be thinking what does this have to do with high school?

7. Amount of substance (mol)

The mole is an International System of Units (SI) unit used to specify the amount of a chemical substance. One mole is equal to 6.022 x 10^23 entities or particles, often molecules or atoms, at the same time.

Base units and Derived units

There are many different types of physical quantities such as length, mass, time and temperature. Base units are the quantities from which other units are derived.


Below is a list of basic physical quantities and units that might be useful for studying for the upcoming MDCAT test. For each item, I have listed the common unit of measure, abbreviation, conversion factor, and an example problem: 

1 millimeter (mm) = 0.001 meters (m) 

2 kilograms (kg) = 2.2 pounds (lb) 

3 centimeters (cm) = 0.3 meters (m) 

8 ounces (oz) = 1 pound

UHS Past MCQS From Physical Quantities And Units

Q.1 When the dimensions of both sides of an equation are equal, then the equation is said to be 

A) Simultaneous 

B) Homologous 

C) Instantaneous 

D) Quadratic 

Q.2 Radian is a unit of angular displacement which can also be measured in degrees. How many radians are equal to one degree?

 A) π 180 

B) 180 π 

C) 2π 180 

D) π 57.3

Q.3 Electric charge on an object is measured as 5 micro coulombs. How the value of this charge can be expressed in terms of base units: 

A) 5 x 100 ampere second 

B) 5 x 10-6 ampere second 

C) 5 x 10+6 coulomb second 

D) 5 x 100 coulomb second 

Q.4 If ‘m’ is the mass, ‘c’ is the velocity of light and x = mc2, then the dimensions of ‘x’ will be: 

A) [LT-1 ] 

B) [ML2T-2] 

C) [MLT-1] 

D) [MLT-2 ] 

Q.5 The wavelength ‘ λ’ of a wave depends on the speed ‘v’ of the wave and its frequency ‘f’. Decide which of the following is correct?

 A) f = v λ 

B) f = λ v 

C) f = v λ 

D) f = v λ-2 

Q.6 Name the quantity which can be measured by using the base unit ‘kgm2s-3’ 

A) Weight 

B) Pressure 

C) Power 

D) Work 

Q.7 The formula for electric field strength is ‘E = F/Q’, where E is electric field strength and F is force and Q is a charge. Which one of the following options gives the correct base units for electric field strength? 

A) kgms-3 A-1 

B) kgs-2 A-3 

C) kg2 m-2s-3A 

D) ms-1 A-3 1 

Q.8 Which set of the prefixes gives values in increasing order? 

A) Pico, Mega, Kilo, Tera 

B) Pico, Micro, Mega, Giga 

C) Tera, Pico, Micro, Kilo 

D) Giga, Kilo, Milli, Nano 

Q.9  The unit of temperature in the base unit is: 

A) Celsius 

B) Degree 

C) Kelvin

D) Fahrenheit 

Q.10  The dimensions of pressure is: 

A) [M-1 L2T-2 ] 

B) [ML-1T] 

C) [M-1 L-2T-2 ] 

D) [ML-1T-2] 

Q.11 The time period ‘T’ of a simple pendulum depends on its length ‘l’ and acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ using unit dimension. The correct equation for time period is: 

A) T = k g/l where ‘k’ is constant

B) T = 1/k g/l where ‘k’ is constant

C) T = k  √l/g where ‘k’ is constant

D) T =  1/k  √l/g where ‘k’ is constant

Q.12 The unit for electric charge is Coulomb and one Coulomb in terms of base unit is equivalent to: 

A) Am

B) Js-1

B) Js-1

 D) C


1 B
2 B
3 B
4 B
5 C
6 D
7 A
8 B
9 C
10 D
12 C

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