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The Cost Of Studying In The UK

Hello everyone, welcome to In this article, we’ll be talking about that how much is the total cost involved in studying in the UK. Secondly, we’ll be talking about how much money can you earn in terms of the total cost. We’ll be talking about your IELTS examination charges, your visa application charges, health charges, and flight cost, and we’ll also talk about your university fees. We will be talking about your living expenses, which will be your total cost of study. Towards the end, we’ll be talking about how much money you can earn and about scholarships as well. We will be touching upon scholarships and discussing the part-time jobs, so there’ll be a lot of different sections which we’ll be covering in this article.

So it will be a complete package dose for any international students who plan to study abroad, especially in the UK. Let’s get right into the article. 

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Pre-university Charges;

So, first of all, let us talk about the pre-university charges and the number on the list. I’ve got your IELTS examination, so doing your house examination cost you about 150 pounds. Now specifically, if you’re planning to study in the UK, a few universities will wave off your examination depending on your English score. Marks in your board examination. So you can save this money depending upon the university to which you’re applying.

Visa Cost:

The second cost we’ve got is for your visa application, which will be about 350 pounds.

Health Surcharge:

The third on the list is your health surcharge, which must be paid, which is about 700 pounds every year.


Flight Charge:

The number four we have got a flight charge. Flight charges cost you about 300 pounds to 500 pounds. So well these are the pre-university charges and one of the things which are always asking that how should we apply to study in the UK at the first place and here I would always suggest you get a consultant for yourself because it makes your process very fast in terms of documentation and the other stuff. Now moving on, let us talk about what are the other costs which are involved and the other cost that comes with your university fees. Now I’ll let you know about the range so the lowest range will be about 16 000 pounds and the highest will go to 25000 pounds so that is like every single year now this can be correlated to your master’s degree. 

It can be correlated to your bachelor’s degree that every single year this will be an average range of 16000 pounds to 25000 pounds, so if you’re doing medicine, it will cost you high depending on the course. The fees also increase, so expect that every year about 500 pounds will increase for your university depending upon the inflation rate, so that is the university fee you must pay. Now the other thing is before diving into living expenses, let us talk about that when you’re applying for your visa, you need to show that amount of university fees. To make it a bit simpler then, you’ll be doing that you’ve got 18 000 pounds plus your living expenses, and that is what you need to be showing as your money in your bank account 28 days old to apply for the visa. 

Student Accommodation:

So with this now let us talk about your living expenses the very first one the major living expenses which students face is of the accommodation itself now generally the students like most of the students really prefer to go into student accommodation and especially when you’re going for a very first year like whether it’s your master’s for one year even if you’re going for bachelor’s in the very first year it’s always kind of suggested to go for student accommodation because you remain close to your university you can attend the events. So the city is much closer you don’t have to pay for your travel cost. You can reduce that then you can find a part-time job very close, so that’s why most of the students prefer to go to student accommodation.

So the general cost for your student competition will be about 400 to 600 pounds the highest 600 pounds will be for students flats. So student’s flats are like basically having one room with a kitchen with your bathroom. Everything will be just in one apartment. Student accommodations are basically where you share the living room and the kitchen with four to five students, but you’ve got separate rooms, which will cost you. On the other side, That would be about 400 pounds. 

Food Expenses:

Now secondly let us talk about the food expenses generally here I will suggest you that please learn cooking at least a few dishes like not only Maggi but you also need to know how to make just a masala base if you know to learn from your mom how to make a masala base just put your whatever you want to put like kidney beans chole whatever it is just put inside it but let’s just let it know how to make a masala paste. Now, if you’re ordering like bulk groceries, it will generally cost you about 100 pounds to 200 pounds, but if you’re someone like me who always started from the restaurant and I don’t know how to cook, I’m learning it slowly and steadily, so my expense is a bit higher. So generally my suggestion is to learn how to cook from your home. It will cost you about 100 to 200 pounds, like if you’re ordering bulk crosswalks. 

For your visa application, you need to show somewhere between the range of thousand pounds to 1100 pounds, so it’s like slightly higher in theory in the show money, which has to be 28 days old, so that is what you have to check with maybe leverage at you or the consultant which you’re applying to.

So well, nowhere I’ve covered like what is the total cost of study in the UK? So like, I’ll do a quick total for you, and the value will be coming over here now; let us move on to how much money you can earn when you are in the UK. Now, before running, let us see how we can save some money on our tuition fee, which is very high in amount. Now here I will suggest you make sure the application which you’re doing is always on time so that you can apply for a scholarship before the deadline. Apply as soon as possible. Applying for a scholarship will get at least a 15 per cent discount. These scholarships are always available in every university. The important thing is that please apply on time as soon as possible so you can save some money on your tuition fee. I hope you get that point.

Now secondly, let us talk about how can you earn. Now in terms of the earnings, let us talk about the living wages. I don’t want to give you fake figures. I don’t want to say you in every single hour you can earn 14 pounds I’m just telling the average range that how much money can you expect so here the figures which I’ve got is that now let’s say if you are aged between 20 years like most students are from 18 years 24 years 23 years so expect to earn this small amount of money so usually for the pub and draws students are employed in the hospitality sector such as a restaurant. Some lucky ones work as a receptionist. Few of them worked on amazon, but amazon is a bit hard to get their part-time job because it is just because most of the time is full-time. Now let’s talk about the general range. Expect to earn somewhere between seven pounds to nine pounds every single hour. Now when you’re on a student visa, the maximum hours you can work is about 20 hours for 20 hours every week. Expect to earn between seven pounds, the lowest and nine pounds and their highest. Let’s say it’s earning eight pounds every hour. Now every single week, you’ll be working 20 hours, which is about 160 pounds every week, and essentially every month, you’ll be earning 672 pounds. It would round it off to 700 pounds. If there are holidays, you can work an unlimited amount of hours, so a full-time job is equal to 40 hours but if you want you can work more than that as well. 

As I told you about your living expenses, it will cost you about 8400 pounds every year. You can at least pay your living expenses, but for tuition fees, it might be a little bit hard. These are the legal routes I have discussed in this article. I won’t like to suggest you do more than 20 hours of work per week because it can lead to very high penalties such as deportation. So legally, you can pay your living expenses and some of your tuition fees. If you’re earning this much money, you will pay your fourth-year fees when you’re doing the placement.


I hope you find some value in this article or blog post. Now, if you’re looking forward to some more techniques to earn money and manage your study fee, then daily visit here, I will be posting new techniques. Please share this with other students. It will be more informative and helpful for them. Thanks for reading this entire article.

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