Study in Austria | Get Free Education in Austria : Complete Guide

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Study in Austria  Study Free in Austria for Pakistani Students Complete Guide

 Free Education in Austria:

Hi, Students in this post we will completely discuss the procedure that how to study in Austria, especially for Pakistani students. In this post, we are mainly focusing, that how Pakistani students can get admission to Austria and achieve the best education in the world. Every year, our thousands of highly talented students get remained deprived off to achieve free education opportunities around the world. So, this is our main motto to keep students updated regarding the free opportunity of studying abroad. Today we are going through the different opportunities available for Pakistani students so that they can full fill their dream of education and study abroad.

Study in Austria Complete Guide:

Austria is a very educational country in Europe. German is the formally spoken language in Austria. Economically, Austria is a very rich country in Europe. Everyone has the dream to acquire a quality education in countries like Austria.

Benefits of Studying in Austria:

There are a lot of benefits of studying in Austria. But here I will discuss some important ones.

1. Work Allowed:

In Austria, work is allowed during your study. If you are studying, for master’s degree programs in Austria, then you will be given 20 hours of work. But if you are studying in bachelor’s programs in Austria then you are allowed 10 hours of work. This is one of the benefits of studying in Austria.

2. Family Settlement:

If you wish that you could bring your family during your study in Austria, then you are allowed by doing this. You can settle your family in Austria while you are studying. Then you will have no worry about your family and can study without any tension and depression.

3. No Block Account Required:

A Block account is not required for admission in Austria. As a Block account is mandatory for admission in some Europe countries like Germany etc. But in Austria, there is an exception for the Block account. In short, you are not required to open a Block account in a bank to study in Austria.

4. Free Education:

The fourth and the most important benefit is the free education in Austria. Education is almost free in Austria. But remember there is a little contribution to each semester. You have to provide a very little and affordable amount of fee per semester. This is not a huge amount but it is a very less amount of fee as compared to all other countries of Europe. So, you can study in Austria at a very low fee. This fee is around about 300 to 700 Euro per semester. But there are a lot of universities in Austria where that did not charge this per semester fee. So, you should check the relevant website of the respective university.

I am going to share some universities in Austria where they did not charge a single penny. So, no fee is required for the following universities in Austria.   

  1. JKU University of Austria
  2. GRAZ University of Austria
  3. SALZBURG University of Austria
  4. VIANA University of Austria

These four Universities of Austria offer completely free education to everyone. These four are the country’s top universities of Austria. They are offering different degree programs for international students. They are not charging the annual semester fee. You can study there and achieve your desired degree almost free of cost.  

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How to Apply for Studying in Austria:

Before applying to the any University of Austria you should know about some of the following necessary information. We have listed the following main and necessary steps for applying to study in Austria.

1. Program Selection:

In Austria, German is the most used language for educational purposes. As everyone is not familiar with the German language and it is very difficult to learn by using the German language. 

So, you should be very active while selecting your study program. You must search and select the study program that is being taught in the English language. Otherwise, you have to learn the German language.

2. Document Verification:

This is the most important step before you apply for admission to Austria. You have to verify your documents from the Austrian embassy. For that, you have to make an appointment with the Austrian embassy and for that, you will pay a little appointment fee. After the verification of your documents from the Austrian embassy then you can easily apply for admission to Austria. The documents that should be attested from the Austrian embassy are the following.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Education Documents
  3. Police Report

Attest these 3 required documents from the Austrian embassy

How to Apply for a Study Visa in Austria:

Before applying for a study visa in Austria you should know about the following documents that are required for applying for a study visa in Austria.

1. Bank Statement:

To apply for a study visa in Austria you must have a bank statement that is older than 3 months. If you are 24 years or below 24 years then you have to show a bank statement of 6000 Euro to qualify for the Austrian study visa. If you are older than 24 years then you have to show a bank statement of 10000 Euro. Another important thing is that the bank statement must be your own name. After that, you will be successfully applied for a study visa in Austria.

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2. Accommodation:

For a successful application, you have to provide solid proof of accommodation in Austria. Where you have to prove that you have successfully booked accommodation in Austria. When you reached Austria then you will have no problem. These two Bank statement and Accommodation is compulsory while applying for an Austrian visa.

Bank statements and accommodation are the last mandatory steps for the visa process in Austria.


 Austria has one of the best educational systems in the world. You can easily apply for studying in Austria by following all the mentioned steps. Keep following all these steps accurately to qualify for studying in Austria. If you are facing any problems regarding applying for a visa or with the application procedure in Austria. Then you can comment below we will respond to you immediately.  

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